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This product with ESP32-S2 is not sold anymore and will soon become obsolete. Please get the ESP32-S3 model instead.

The Wireless-Tag WT-86-32-3ZW1 is a 86x86mm touchscreen with 4 relays that can be mounted in a standard 86x86mm wall-box. It is currently only available from Alibaba for around US $40 excluding shipping.


Pros Cons
16 MB flash Display ghosting
8 MB PSram 320 kB SRAM (ESP32-S2)
Price Can't fit in EU workbox
Capacitive Touchscreen


One issue we've noticed is temporary ghosting on the display reported by multiple users. When showing a UI with white, cyan or bright colors on a dark background, a dim ghost image of these bright colors can linger on the screen for some time after changing pages.

If you notice this issue on your device, please report back in this Github discussion thread.



The size of the PSU unit does not fit a regular EU wall-box and mounting it in a US wall-box needs testing.


All pins are conveniently broken out on the 2mm pitch female header. Make sure the USB port can deliver enough power. It is best to use a powered USB hub since most PC ports can not power the whole device. --port COM6 erase_flash --port COM6 write_flash 0x0 wt-86-32-3zw1_full_16MB_v0.6.3-dev_88a478d.bin --verify

Last update: 2024-06-07