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Dropdown List~



Property Value Default Description
options string "" List of items separated by \n
val int16 0 The number of the selected item
text string "" Read-only The text of the selected item
direction byte 0 Direction where the dropdown expands:
0 = down, 1 = up, 2 = left, 3 = right
Note: up and down are superseeded by the screen size.
show_selected bool true Show the selected option or a static text
max_height int16 3/4 of screen height The maximum height of the open drop-down list
Method Parameters Description
open To manually open the drop-down list
close To manually close the drop-down list

To change the currently selected item, use the val attribute.
To change the items in the list, use the options attribute.

Example jsonl

When the item is changed both val and text of the newly selected item are send out accompanied by the change event.

Last update: 2024-06-07