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The file include\user_config_override-template.h lists the options you have to customize your build. Settings applied here will act as factory defaults in the firmware. Check the file for the self-explanatory options. Some of the available possibilities are:

  • WiFi Settings
  • MQTT Settings
  • OTA Server Settings
  • Syslog Settings
  • Timezone
  • Interface Language
  • Web interface coloring
  • Built-in fonts choice
  • GPIO Templates
  • Services startup

Copy it to include\user_config_override.h and change the settins per your needs.
Uncomment -DUSE_CONFIG_OVERRIDE in platformio_override.ini to ensure that the config overrides are taken into account during the compilation process.

Custom code~

It is possible to include your own custom code in the src/custom directory. If you enable #define HASP_USE_CUSTOM 1 in your include\user_config_override.h, you can start adding code by copying the template files as my_custom.h and my_custom.cpp. This will add the custom\my_custom.h header to openHASP compilation and call the defined functions from the main loop.

Last update: 2024-06-07