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Button Matrix~



Property Value Default Description
options json array "Text" Json array of strings where each element is the label of a button. Use "\n" for a new line of buttons
align string center Text alignment: left, center, right
toggle bool false All buttons behave as toggle buttons or normal buttons
one_check bool false Allow only one button to be checked (toggled) at once
val int8 0 The number of the active button, starting at 0. In conjunction with toggle and one_check set it to -1 to deactivate all buttons

The styling properties apply to all buttons in the matrix. To change the color of a single label you can prefix the text with a #RRGGBB hexadecimal color code and close with a single hash # tag.

Example jsonl
{"page":1,"id":20,"obj":"btnmatrix","x":10,"y":10,"w":220,"h":150,"options":["#FF0000 Red Text#","#0000FF Cyan Text#","\n","#FFFF00 Yellow Text#"],"toggle":1,"one_check":1}

Last update: 2024-06-07