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HASP Design~

You can configure the general look and feel for the interface by uploading your favorite fonts and selecting your favorite theme and color.

UI Theme~

Select one of the built-in themes to select the general style for the HASP interface.

Primary Color~

Select the base color for the built-in theme.

Secondary Color~

Accent color for the theme.

Startup Layout~

Enter the filename of the .jsonl you have uploaded to load the layout on startup.

Startup Page~

Select to the page number to display at startup.

Startup Brightness~

Select the brightness level of the display on startup.

Note: The display must support the dim feature and GPIO for dim is set in display setup.

Click 'Save Settings' to save your settings to the device. A restart is required to make the settings active. Navigate back to the Main Menu and click Restart to activate the settings.

Last update: 2024-06-07