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Debug Settings~

openHASP logs valuable information during its operation to the serial port, telnet console or syslog server. Use these settings to configure the debug output.


Serial Port~

Set the baudrate to use for the serial logging and console.

Telemetry Period~

This is the interval in seconds with which openHASP will send automatic statusupdate messages to the state/statusupdate topic.

Syslog Server~

Specify the hostname or IP address of the syslog server.

Syslog Port~

Specify the port of the syslog server.

Syslog Protocol~

Select the protocol used by your syslog backend.

Click 'Save Settings' to save your settings to the device. A restart is required to make the settings active. Navigate back to the Main Menu and click Restart to activate the settings.

Last update: 2024-06-07