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Text Label~



Property Value Default Description
text string "Text" The text of the label, \n for line break. Can also be a variable.
mode string crop The wrapping mode of long text labels:
expand Expand the object size to the text size
break Keep the object width, break the too long lines and expand the object height
dots Keep the size and write dots at the end if the text is too long
scroll Keep the size and roll the text back and forth
loop Keep the size and roll the text circularly
crop Keep the size and crop the text out of it
align string left Text alignment: left, center, right

It's possible to set the color of characters in the text indvidually, just prefix the text to be re-colored with a #RRGGBB hexadecimal color code and a space, and close with a single hash # tag.

Example jsonl
{"page":1,"id":1,"obj":"label","x":10,"y":5,"w":150,"h":50,"text":"\uE64A Hello world!"}
{"page":1,"id":1,"obj":"label","x":10,"y":5,"w":150,"h":50,"text":"#0000FF \uE64A# #FF0000 Hello# #008000 world#!"}

Last update: 2024-06-07