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Lolin TFT 2.4" Touch Shield~


This Lolin TFT has a 2.4" touchscreen with XPT2046 resistive touch controller. There are 3 ways to connect an ESP32:

  1. Plug a compatible ESP32 onto the female headers on the back
  2. Attach a LOLIN D32 Pro V2.0 using the 10-pin TFT connector and cable
  3. Solder headers onto the bottom pinholes for pluging into a breadboard or jumper cables for any other ESP32
Pros Cons
Plug-and-play Resistive touchscreen
Limited soldering required Availability
Choice of several ESP32 MCUs


Compatible ESP32 dev boards~

The Lolin TFT 2.4" headers are plug-and-play compatible with these development boards, no need to use any jumper cables:

Model Minimal Better Best
SKU D1 Mini ESP32 TTGO T7 V1.5 Mini32 Lolin D32 Pro V2.0
Flash 4 MB 4 or 16 MB 4 or 16 MB
PSram No 8 MB 8 MB
Connection Two 1x8 Pinheaders² Two 1x8 Pinheaders² 10-pin TFT cable (optional)
SD Card no no ✅ yes
Battery charging no ✅ yes ✅ yes
USB Chip CH9102F CH340C
Screen dimming ✅ yes ✅ yes ✅ yes
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The D1 Mini ESP32 board may suffer from brown-out reboots if not powered adequately.


(²) Because the board is developed for the D1-mini, you must only solder a row of 1x8 male pins to pads TXD-5V and RST-3V3 each.

Product Video~

Backlight Control~

To use PWM dimming on the Lolin TFT 2.4" you must connect the TFT-LED pin to either D1 or D2. D1 is recommended for backlight control and configured by default in the firmware.

TFT-LED PWM dimming


Do not use D3 for backlight control because it is already in use for touch!
Do not use D4 for backlight control because it is already in use for PSram on the ESP32-WROVER, also the D1-mini has D4 connected to the on-board LED and boot fails if pulled LOW


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Last update: 2023-12-09