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Flash ESP8266~

Download the firmware~

Go to the releases page on GitHub to download the latest openHASP binaries.

Pick the one appropriate for ESP8266:

  • d1-mini-esp8266_ili9341_v0.6.0.bin


You can also download the nightly openHASP file from the Actions tab on Github.

Install the firmware~

Flash ESP8266~

For ESP8266 you only need one single .bin file:

Using Tasmotizer~


When flashing the ESP8266 for the first time, it is best to erase the flash before uploading the new firmware:

2 -p "COM1" erase_flash -p "COM1" write_flash --flash_mode qio 0x0 d1-mini-esp8266_ili9341_v0.6.0.bin

Change COM1 to the correct port on your computer and 4m to the correct size of the internal flash chip.

Last update: 2022-06-04
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