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Built-in Fonts~

The ESP8266 firmware only has 1 built-in font: Unscii with font size 8pt.

The ESP32 firmware builds additionally contain the Roboto Condensed font in four font sizes depending on the display resolution:

  • 320x240: 12, 16, 24 and 32pt
  • 480x320: 16, 24, 32 and 48pt

Including selected glyphs of Latin-1 character set and MaterialDesign icons below.

The built-in fonts can be set by using the pointsize as parameter. For example:



It is possible to create custom builds with built-in fonts of other sizes (choose any four of 12, 14, 16, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 32, 36, 38, 40, 44, 48) and supporting Latin-2 or Cyrillic character sets (even combined) by customizing user_config_override.h.

Built-in Icons~

The icons in the list below are included with the built-in font sizes. Included are a range of arrows, navigation, climate, controls, devices, energy, lights, places, presence, security, sound, time and wireless icons.

Icon Code Name Icon Code Name
E045 arrow-down F40B lightning-bolt
E6C0 arrow-down-box E425 power
E04D arrow-left E6A5 power-plug
E054 arrow-right E769 ceiling-light
E05D arrow-up F020 coach-lamp
E6C3 arrow-up-box E95F desk-lamp
E140 chevron-down E8DD floor-lamp
E141 chevron-left E6B5 lamp
E142 chevron-right E335 lightbulb
E143 chevron-up E6E8 lightbulb-on
E60C subdirectory-arrow-left F054 outdoor-lamp
E12C check F2BA string-lights
E156 close F1E1 vanity-light
E493 cog E91C wall-sconce
E2DC home E1D9 dots-vertical
E6A1 home-outline E2E3 bed
E374 minus E10B car
E415 plus E176 coffee
E01B air-conditioner E606 pool
E238 fire E9A0 shower
E438 radiator EA70 silverware-fork-knife
EAD7 radiator-disabled E4B9 sofa
E717 snowflake E9AB toilet
E50F thermometer E004 account
E58C water E64A human-greeting
E58E water-percent E70E run
E594 weather-night E026 alert
E599 weather-sunny E7AE cctv
E5A8 white-balance-sunny E81B door-closed
E0AC blinds F0AF door-closed-lock
F011 blinds-open E81C door-open
F2D4 garage-open-variant E30B key-variant
F2D3 garage-variant E33E lock
F11C window-shutter EFC6 lock-open-variant
F11D window-shutter-alert E565 shield-check
F11E window-shutter-open E68A shield-home
E09A bell E99D shield-lock
E11C cellphone F1DB window-closed-variant
EAAC dishwasher EF5F monitor-speaker
E1FA engine E75A music
E210 fan E3E4 pause
E96B fountain E40A play
E28F fridge-outline E456 repeat
E5FA kettle E457 repeat-off
E322 laptop E458 repeat-once
EC99 microwave E49D shuffle
F1F3 robot-mower-outline E49E shuffle-disabled
E70D robot-vacuum E4AD skip-next
E4DE stove E4AE skip-previous
E502 television E4C3 speaker
EA7A trash-can-outline E4DB stop
E917 tumble-dryer E57E volume-high
E72A washing-machine E580 volume-medium
E58F water-pump E75F volume-mute
F2A3 battery-high E0ED calendar
F2A1 battery-low E150 clock-outline
F2A2 battery-medium E2DA history
E08E battery-outline E51B timer-outline
E5F1 ev-station E0AF bluetooth
E32A leaf E5A9 wifi

To use an icon in a text you need to prefix the UTF-8 character code with \u. To ensure proper decoding the payload should be used with a json or jsonl command.

jsonl example:

{"page":2,"id":1,"obj":"label","x":10,"y":50,"w":150,"h":50,"text":"\uE64A Hello world!","text_font":24}

json example:

["p2b1.text=\uE64A Hello world!"]

External Fonts~

You can also add a custom .zi font by uploading it to the internal flash. Apply it as the default font on the Configuration > HASP Settings page. To use it, set the pointsize parameter of the property to 0.

Last update: 2022-06-04
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