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MQTT Settings~

All communication between HASP Open Display and your Home Automation service is done over MQTT. You will need an already working MQTT Broker.


Learn more about the protocol on MQTT Essentials

MQTT Settings

Web UI~

HASP Node Name~

The Node Name is the unique identifier of your device on your MQTT Broker.

For example, setting the Node Name to plate35 will make the device listen and communicate on the main topic hasp/plate35/

Group Name~

The Group Name is the unique identifier for a Group of devices.

For example, the default Group Name is plates. This will make all devices in this group listen on the main topic hasp/plates/ This way you can send a command to all devices in the group at the same moment. Each devices will only respond on their own main Node Name topic.

MQTT Broker~

Set the IP or hostname of your MQTT Broker

MQTT Port~

Set the port for your MQTT Broker

MQTT User and Password~

Enter credentials if your MQTT Broker requires a Username and Password.

Click 'Save Settings' to save your settings to the device. A restart is required to make the settings active. Navigate back to the Main Menu and click Restart to activate the settings.


You can also configure the mqtt settings via the serial or telnet console:

hostname myPlateName
mqttport 1883
mqttuser myUsername
mqttpass myPassword

Last update: 2022-06-04
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